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Doing it was nervous, hile I'm was doing it was thinking that I'm was doing it completely well and when I finished I thought that shecould have made it better.
It is a presentation that things are absent, we did the possible thing in order that we was going out well. But a companion was absent.The content was good but a bit short.In general we might improve.
1-They laugh while they speak
2-They read the whole moment
3-The friends do not stop moving

1-They do the presentation with a big image
2-A person of the group has good accent
3-It lasts the correct time

We could have made her longer and to read less. Also to put a presentation.

With six I'm would not be satisfied any more not and less either.

My favorite food

The strawberries are my favorite desserts. I am charmed with the flavor that they have and her color is very alive. It is a fruit that when me it since it she me makes remember with the spring and the summer. I will never say that not to a plate of strawberries and with better scum

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